• bayside town in North Accomack County; often referred to as Saxis Island; is narrow, with a land area approximately 0.33 square miles (according to Virginia Institute of Marine Science's website).

  • Saxis is known to be a great place to find seaglass - at low tide, park at the end of Matthews Rd (the road to turn on is a sharp right at the sharp left hand turn just as you get into town (right before the Saxis, VA sign). Once you turn on to Matthews, you drive straight down and don't turn right where Matthews continues on. You walk right onto the beach and can go left or right to discover sea glass - on the beach and in the reeds. Beware the sticky briars if you go far down on the right, up into the reeds. Don't pass the "No Trespassing" sign as that is private property.

  • Saxis Island Museum
    • 20101 Saxis Rd

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