History and General Info

Cape Charles: History & General Info:

  • Location:
    • Cape Charles (37″N 76°W), located close to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on Virginia's Eastern Shore, was founded in 1884 as a planned community by railroad and ferry interests.. The original layout of the Town is still very visible today. 

  • Size:
    • According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 4.4 square miles, of which, 3.7 square miles of it is land and 0.7 square miles of it is water.

  • Proximity to Water:
    • Cape Charles lies on a peninsula and is surrounded by water on three sides. The town is situated directly on the Chesapeake Bay, bordered by King's Creek to the north and Old Plantation Creek to the south. 

  • Public Access:
    • The town owns one of two public beaches on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and the only public beach on the bayside of the Eastern Shore. The beach extends one-half mile along Bay Avenue with a paved walkway bordering the length of the beachfront. Residents and visitors of the town use the beach for swimming, sunbathing and similar recreational pursuits. Public access onto the beachfront is provided by two wooden walkovers located near the end of Tazewell and Randolph Avenues, as well as the town's Fun Pier which also has a wooden walkover. The beach is stabilized with buried groins and a bulkhead. In 1987 the Army Corps of Engineers dredged the harbor and channel and deposited the sand along the beach area, which greatly expanded the width of the beach and improved the quality of sand along the beachfront. Beach erosion is an ongoing problem and will require sand replenishment on a periodic basis in order to maintain a sandy beachfront.

  • Weather: 
    • hot, humid summers and chilly, but not very cold winters. Temperatures routinely exceed 90 °F in the summer and typically dips below the freezing point during the winter, though it is somewhat rare for temperatures to dip far below freezing. Cape Charles on average receives roughly 45 inches of precipitation annually.
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  • Crime: 
    • safer than 78% of the cities in the United States. In Cape Charles you have a 1 in 95 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.

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