About Us

We are Joy and Michelle Gooden. Early in 2019 we decided to sell our house and move to the Eastern Shore. We'd vacationed here (specifically in Cape Charles) for 3 years before deciding that this is definitely the place we want to call home.

Once we got here, we wasted no time getting to know people (well you don't really have a choice cause the people here are insanely friendly!) and explore the area. We started with Cape Charles, but have already expanding to other towns and will eventually explore all of the Eastern Shore (even if it does take us many years to do just that). Don't let anyone ever tell you there's nothing to do on the Eastern Shore!

When we lived "Across the Bay," we spent a good deal of our time making arts and crafts for our home, yard and for gifts for the people we love. Soon, people started requesting specific products and designs.Things happen pretty fast and within a year, I (Michelle) left my full-time corporate job and began to fully dive into a creative business. 

When we moved to the Eastern Shore, it was only natural for Michelle to continue that creative endeavor - living in a place that is so beautiful and inspiring to the heart and mind. Joy continues her government job full time to, you know, pay the bills but also contributes her time and energy whenever possible. 

We are known unofficially as "Life is Gooden," because our last name is Gooden and on social media we share all of the amazing things we are discovering and appreciating on the Eastern Shore which makes life just so good.

Officially, our creative business name is Good As It Gifts, another play on our last name as well as what we offer --- items perfect to be gifted. Our theory about our life is "if this is as 'good as it gets,' we couldn't ask for anything more."

We offer endless possibilities of custom-designed and created products. Purchase something for a souvenir  of the Eastern Shore, gift, special occasion, holiday, party, or just to liven up your world and share a bit of your personality. A monogram, fun design, snarky comment, or an inspirational phrase. The ideas and products we create are never-ending, and we release new designs and products all the time. If what we have isn't what you're hoping for, message us. Pretty much as long as the quote, saying or design isn't copyrighted, we can make it happen. We don't ever want to take others' design work, but an idea can be used in a new and unique way. 

Look around the site, read our blogs, learn about the Eastern Shore; and if you want to buy something, great! If not, we hope you found something here from which you will benefit!

With love, 

Michelle & Joy