Mermaid Pillow - Cape Charles

Mermaid Pillow - Cape Charles

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This Cape Charles Mermaid Pillow is black sequins until you use your hand to flip the sequins to expose the "My heart is home in Cape Charles, Virginia" sunset over the water image. The back of the pillow is made of a faux suede material. We use a process called dye sublimation printing to print a design or image on the white side of the sequins so when you use your hand to flip the sequins it goes from solid black to expose the design or image. It's pretty much the coolest thing ever and is a hugely sensation-al experience for anyone who loves to play with thing. 

Pillow cover comes with a firm 16" x 16" pillow insert for a solid tight fitting pillow and overall dimensions of 15" x 15". 

Purchase one for yourself or for someone you love. Makes a perfect accent pillow for a guest room or sofa in your beach home.

Click below to see this mermaid pillow in action. 

Measurements: 15" x 15"